Friday, March 31, 2017

Seeing The City In Another Light

We started the day at a little breakfast café and then headed to Notre Dame. Last time we were there we didn't make it to the treasury, so that's why we went back today. I don't know how to read French, so I wasn't sure what all I was looking at, but it was obviously all very grand.
One thing that I was able to figure out is that this is the box (or whatever it should be called) that it is said contains the actual crown of thorns that Jesus wore.
After shopping and lunch we rode a bus to the Louvre. One would think that I'd be used to seeing huge fancy buildings by now, but I'm not.
The Louvre is very grand and ornate.
There were lots of antiques and sculptures, but we were more interested in seeing the paintings, so we spent most of our time with them.

After the Louvre we walked around the Jardin des Tuileries and enjoyed ice cream. For dinner we stopped at a really neat little restaurant and had an excellent dinner served in courses.
The whole day was wonderful, but for me the best part came at the end. We took another boat ride down the Seine, only this time at night. It was a whole different experience from doing it during the day. We saw the lights of Paris on the banks and then again reflected in the water. I particularly enjoyed going under the lit up bridges, but the best part was getting a close up view from the water of the radiantly glowing Eiffel Tower. "Wow. That's astounding," Dad said. I couldn't agree more.

Dad's favorite part of today: Seeing night come to the ciy.

My favorite part of today: Seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up.

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