Thursday, March 30, 2017

Top Of The Tower

The Eiffel tower looks very delicate and dainty on postcards, but it is really quite a strong and massive structure. It holds several gift shops, restaurants and lots of visitors. However, the crowds were really not bad today. It seems we came just enough ahead of the main tourist season. Waiting in long lines hasn't really been a part of our trip. 

We climbed 704 steps to get to the middle level. From the middle level riding an elevator is the only option, so we took that to the top and this was our view.
After admiring all of the different views from all of the different tower levels, we came back down and enjoyed a nice picnic in the park which surrounds the tower.
Then we took a walk through the Rue Cler, a traditional Paris market street. It felt like being in a painting. The beautiful street was lined with shops that specialized in things such as cheese, chocolate, clothes, fruit, meat and flowers. I visited the ice cream shop.
I was really torn as to whether or not it was worth taking time to visit the tomb of Napoleon l at the Army Museum. It turned out that I was really glad that we decided to go. I had no idea that the building that the late emperor's coffin is in was so extraordinary and elaborate. The place is much bigger and grander than my pictures show.

After that we went through the museum and saw many interesting things. To me the most interesting things were Napoleon's horse, which has been preserved by taxidermy, and the paintings of Napoleon, which were much larger than I had pictured. But of course, Dad's coronation was the crowning moment.
Dad's favorite part of today: Picnicking by the Eiffel Tower after just having climbed up and down it.

My favorite part of today: Enjoying coffee ice cream while strolling down the Rue Cler.

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  1. You are brave to go to the top! I'm so impressed.