Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bones, Paintings, River & Pizza

Beneath Paris are limestone mining tunnels. Around the mid- 1700s Paris was having problems because of overflowing cemeteries.
The decision was made to transfer the remains from the cemeteries to the mining tunnels.
Today we got to walk through those underground tunnels. Only a portion of the Catacombs of Paris is open to the public, but I read that the remains of more than six million people are in these tunnels.
Walking through there was definitely a very interesting experience.
Today we also visited the Orsay Museum.
There were a lot of different kinds of art created by a lot of different artists.

Much of what we saw were impressionistic masterpieces by great artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. It was really cool.
The Orsay Museum's building was once a railroad station. Here is an overhead view of the museum.
We took a relaxing walk by the Seine River and enjoyed observing how beautifully the sun shined on the buildings and shimmered on the water.
Dad took this really neat panoramic shot of the Louvre during our walk. He also took a lot of the other photos that I used in today and yesterday's posts.
For dinner we went back to that pizza place that we liked so much, but this time we also had dessert. It was great!

Dad's favorite part of today: Walking along the Seine River.

My favorite part of today: Walking along the Seine River.

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