Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Busy, Busy, Dreadfuly Busy

Lately I've been thinking about the fact that not being lazy and being productive aren't necessarily the same thing. If I've spent too much time looking at videos on Youtube that's obviously a waste of time and is probably lazy. But when I poured hours into a Christmas display that no one really saw that didn't seem like a bad use of time because I was not being lazy. I was working hard to plan it, to make the ornaments, to hang the ornaments, etc., but what good was it? Who saw it? Does the fact that I worked hard and wasn't lazy make it a good use of time? I don't think so.

In order to call a project a good use of time one needs to look ahead to the probable result, not just at how un-lazy they were in choosing to do that project. I think so many clubs, businesses, schools, individuals (myself included) and even churches need to be more careful about focusing their energy where it will actually make a difference. If we did, maybe we wouldn't be so "busy" or talk so much about "having a full plate." I don't think the people who say those things mean to come across like this but I think that comes across as, "I don't have time for you." Now, I know sometimes people legitimately don't have time -- maybe they're taking care of a sick person who needs constant attention -- but I think most of us just need to be better at prioritizing. Also, if we stop saying "we're so busy!" maybe we'd feel less busy.

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