Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winged Carpenter

The pileated woodpecker is my favorite kind of bird. They are so big, their colors are striking and their habits fascinating. I think they’re a great example of God’s wisdom. They have extra strong beaks for hammering into trees, specially formed and positioned brains so they won’t suffer damage from repeatedly banging their heads, specially crafted feet and shorter than normal legs, along with a stiff tail, so they can walk up and down a vertical tree. They also have long, sticky tongues to capture their prey. They have special membranes that cover their eyes when they’re ready to start making wood chips fly and silted nostrils with feathers over them for protection. As popular as the evolutionary theory is, when I consider this bird, the design is so intentional I just don’t believe it happened by chance. This picture I made certainly didn’t happen by chance, and mine can’t even fly.

This picture is made of: hydrangea, aucuba, banana peel, cotton, maple, birch bark, mulberry and mica.

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