Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom's Bird

The robin is Michigan's state bird. Mom grew up in Michigan. She was proud to "own" this bird. When she got a lot older she learned, to her dismay, that the robin is also claimed by two other states as their state bird.

This picture is made of: hydrangea, maple, money plant, cotton, banana peel, mica and various fall leaves.


  1. Oh, this is definitely one of my very favorite pieces of yours! The proportions of the bird are perfect; its expression is so calm and dignified; the colors are so well-balanced in the picture; the floral texture of the background is so rich, and even after weeks of a loose-screwed robin attacking my bedroom window at sun-up every morning, your piece has made me like robins again.

    When framed, are the edges of the picture still visible, as they are in the photo?

  2. Thank you so much for your very kind comment! I've been having a loose-screwed cardinal attacking my studio window. I was hoping to have the edges of this picture visible but there was a definate fiber on the muslin. With the way I seal a picture makes it impossible to simply take it off. So, unfortunately, I have to cover the muslin.


  3. This is a wonderful piece Sarah! I think it is my favorite, just beautiful!