Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fuzzy Feline

One advantages of the medium of pressed-flowers is being able to match textures as well as colors. If I was a painter I'd have to figure out how to illustrate fur with the way I manipulated the paint. But since I'm a pressed-flower artist I can just grab a fuzzy pampas grass head that already looks like cat fur to illustrate cat fur. I like making pictures of cats.

This picture is made of: pampas grass, cotton, poppy seed, banana peel, fall leaves, chrysanthemum and mica to add sparkle to the cat's eyes


  1. I do really like how the pampas grass makes the fur "look" soft. I think in a painting, no matter how well the texture was painted, you would still lack that warm, "touchable" softness.

    The cat looks so sweet and docile with its little smile. I was wondering, have you ever created a picture of a cat in a playful or mischievous pose?

  2. Thank you! I think the most playful cat I've made so far would be this one: I would like to make more energetic looking cats.