Sunday, September 5, 2010

Log Cabin Quilt Square

Who doesn't like a quilt or know some special quilt maker? It puts me in awe to look at the time, exactness and artistry that goes into some quilts. My grandma, on Dad's side, who is a quilter, recently showed me her big quilt book, which featured some such quilts. I've started quilts but the only ones I've finished so far are the ones that are made of leaves and flowers. That's OK. after all, the first coverings were made out of fig leaves.

This picture is made of: oak leaves, dusty miller, money plant, Queen Anne's lace, corn husks, birch bark, yarrow, bougainvillea, black hollyhock, zinnia, Japanese maple, larkspur, rose, skeletonized leaves, eucalyptus, cantaloupe peel, daisy, primrose, bloody dock, lamb's ears, onion peel, nasturtium and thyme.


  1. sarah, your quilt is fabulous!:-)

    i'll bet it was fun to do!:-)

    how big is it?...

    you have been very productive these days!:-)...keep going!:-)


  2. Dear Miss Rebekah,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Something I enjoyed about making this picture was that I made the quilt strip by strip and block by block. In doing that I could easily see when I was half way done or 3 quarters of the way done by looking at how many of the blocks I'd completed.

    My picture is 8X8, frammed 14X14.


  3. I love the mixture of traditional fabric patterns, like the stars and polka dots, with the tiny whole leaves and flowers. A lovely piece!