Monday, September 13, 2010

Brown Trout

My dad has been an avid fishermen since he was a young boy. Now writing fishing articles for magazines is how he makes the family living. Trout are probably one of my favorite types of pictures to make. I enjoy the challenge of trying to mach and blend the colors. The fish itself is made completely out of plant material. However the total picture strays from the plant material a little because the background is mica mounted on cloth. Although mica is not plant material it is a mineral found outside so it is natural. It is helpful having Dad around to tell me if the fins look out of proportion to the rest of the fish or if the eye is a little too far over to the right. Dad enjoys reeling in trout from the west fork of the Chattooga River. I reel mine in from the garden.

This picture is made of: money plant, cronflower, cosmo, hydrangea, cantaloupe peel, dusty miller, skeletonized leaves, onion peel, tomato peel, corn husk, black maple, sea moss, mica (also called isinglass) and various other leaves.

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