Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rose In A Glass Class

This picture is my version of an online class I took with the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. It's one of my few pictures that features a whole flower. Ironically though, it really isn't a flower at all. It's really a bunch of birch bark from my uncle's and aunt's house in Michigan, which I cut into little pieces. This was a good, challenging class taught by a lady who lives in Russia. By the way, did you know that loofah sponges don't come from the sea? They're a kind of gourd that grows on a vine. Do you see where I used it?

This picture is made of: some sort of dead daylily or iris foliage, loofah, Queen Anne's lace, onion membranes, maple and birch bark.

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  1. sarah, you did an incredible job in this class!:-)...i am so proud of you!:-)