Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inexpensive, Modest, Non-Frumpy, Practical, Feminine Clothes

Have you every tried to find inexpensive, modest, non-frumpy, practical, feminine clothes? That's a tall order. It can be discouraging, walking through stores.

One solution I've found for work clothes that don't look like boy clothes is to paint t-shirts. Sometimes you have to go to the boys section to get good t-shirts, but then you transform them with a little fabric paint. I paint flowers on my shirts, but any little detail on the sleeves or pretty design would make it look more feminine. I'm not a good painter. I usually make a big cartoony, muddy, mess. But fabric paint is usually fairly easy to work with. You can paint with the bottle but I prefer to pour the paint out on a plate and use a paintbrush on the shirt. That gives me better control. After a day or two of drying, the shirts can go in the wash just like any other t-shirt, except you should inside-out them when they're in the wash. Some of the paint may chip off over time, especially when you've painted it too thick.

Second-hand stores are cool too!

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  1. what fun!:-)

    your daffodil is very good!:-)...made me think of spring!:-)