Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finally Toured the Sewer

Ever since reading the part in Les Miserables about Jean Valjean heroically rescuing Marius and carrying him to safety via the sewer of Paris, I've wanted to visit. A section of the sewer is nicely set up for people who wish to see it and learn about its history. There's even a gift shop where you can buy sewer rat stuffed animals.
This is something I'd never seen before. It is a giant ball used to flatten waste. Dad stood next to it so that you could get an idea of how big it is.
We haven't climbed the Eiffel Tower yet, but today we walked very close to it. It's quite a tall structure.
On our way to the Eiffel Tower we turned a corner and suddenly saw a garden on a wall, really, there are plants growing all over this wall! I'm not talking only about vines and mosses. There were also large shrubs and ferns and perennials. We're guessing that the building these plants are growing on is about six stories. I didn't know gardens like this existed!

Dad's favorite part of today: Seeing the amazing garden wall.

My favorite part of today: Starting the day at a French street market and seeing all of the fresh foods, colorful flowers and everything else being sold, some of which I even get to take home :-).

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  1. Sarah! My word, what a colorful experience you are having with your Dad! I never knew of many of these things and that makes it so fun to read your posts!