Monday, March 27, 2017

Best Day Yet

Today was incredible, and the weather was perfect! I think that I'll just get frustrated if I try to use words to describe the magnificence of Notre Dame's interior or the breathtaking view of Paris from its top, so I'll try to mostly use pictures.

Dad took a lot of the pictures that I'm using for today's blog. This is a panoramic shot that he took from Notre Dame.

We also got to enjoy French food in a peaceful park that had many plants in it that reminded me of Georgia.

Exploring the Jardin des Plantes was almost as exciting as Notre Dame. It's basically a big botanical garden merged with a zoo! It was amazing! I want to share pictures of it with you, but it's getting late and my phone is acting up, so I think that I'll try posting those pictures tomorrow.

Dad's favorite part of today: Purchasing French food from a sidewalk stand and eating it in a quiet park where we were the only tourists.

My favorite part of today: Seeing Paris from the top of Notre Dame like Quasimodo did.

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  1. What an exciting adventure you're having! I'm really enjoying the pictures and know you will forever treasure looking at them and remembering everything.