Monday, April 7, 2014

My Friend Mr. Kollock

Mr. Kollock preparing for the last art show that we both did
pressed-flower portrait that I made of Mr. Kollock in 2008

me pressing Mr. Kollock's funeral flowers
The other day I drove down the road that used to take me to where I could find Mr. Kollock. He was always full of suggestions, plans and projects. I cried as I looked at the signs that he painted and the buildings that he designed. I took note of the places where we once stood with other good friends to get pictures taken for art show publicity. I’m very thankful for all that Mr. Kollock invested in me, my family, my business and the community. I don’t have nearly enough space for a full list but I want to offer you a glimpse of some of the ways that he helped.
Charl√© Statler introduced me to John and Nancy Kollock about eight years ago. Mr. Kollock helped me with the logistics of crossing into framed art and with teaching me that my work was worth framing. I was inexperienced and I wasn’t very confident. He helped me navigate areas like pricing and deciding which shows to be a part of. He motivated me by taking my work so seriously. He would always ask me what projects I was working on and took an eager interest in all of my commissions and shows.
He welcomed me to show him all of my pictures that I was struggling with or had questions about. He’d give me honest advice… even if it was, “Do that over.” I learned about color, composition, perspective and so much more during those times. His advice is something that I’ll greatly miss.
Mr. Kollock invited me to move all of my work into the building that is now Sarah’s Lavender Cottage. He hosted many shows that I was a part of. I’m so thankful for all that he did to give me a good foundation for my business. I’m so thankful for his friendship.

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