Monday, October 7, 2013

Catfish with Crappie

This picture is made of: poinsettia, cinnamon, aucuba, birch, money plant, seaweed, hydrangea, cornsilk and cotton.

My thoughts:  Finding reference pictures was not an issue since my dad is a fishing writer and photographer. When I announced my whim to make a pressed flower portrait of someone holding a fish, Dad was on the job. It seemed like 30 seconds later he had whipped together a folder full of reference options. I chose to work from a picture of his friend, Señor Catfish holding a crappie. Dad has been on lots of fishing trips with him (in four different countries!) and they’re good friends, so I’ve heard Señor Catfish mentioned frequently. Still, it was not until I made this picture that I realized that his real name is Keith Sutton.

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