Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Moo-orning!


This cow thinks he’s what everyone is craning their necks to admire. What else would they be looking at? The Sautee Nacoochee Indian Mound with the gazebo on top is pretty hard to miss. It’s kind of like a local logo. It has been depicted by many artists in various mediums. I used about 20 different kinds of plant material to make my version. I wanted to lighten up parts of this picture but wasn’t sure how. I then decided that powdered sugar could be considered plant material since it comes from sugar cane. This is the first picture (but probably not the last) I’ve ever used powdered sugar in.
This picture is made of: gray poplar, cotton, poppy seed, hydrangea, cinnamon, birch bark, dill, turmeric, orange peel, seaweed, aucuba, grass, dead daylily foliage (or something like that), corn silk, sugar, cornhusk, pampas grass and maple.

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