Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Bargain

Autumn, my 5-year-old sister, had an idea. She was very excited about her idea and wanted my help. We bargained that if she helped me clean our room I would then help her with her project.

I drew the faces while Autumn held the puppets. This is the first one we did and I don't think she was too thrilled with the nose- she wanted dots for the rest of them. She still really liked this one anyway.

Our 3-year-old brother, Eli gave us the predominate, purple bead.

This one is Autumn's and my favorite. We used aluminum foil and sparkly pipe cleaners.

The walnut snowman I made last year fell apart so we gave his hat to the villain.

I don't know how long Autumn's handful of people will last, they're still looking good after approximately 19 hours. More importantly than how long they last is the good time we had thinking about and making them together.

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