Thursday, March 24, 2011


What I wanted to get across in this picture was, well, a dog. I wanted to capture the energy of a dog racing toward you with a stick in its mouth, eager for you to thow it again- the life and the excitement of a dog in its element. We had a black and white springer spaniel- Solomon. He loved to play "stick".

This picture is made of: pampas grass, cotton, aucuba, banana peel, cornflower, mulberry, corn silk, ferns, lichen, various leaves and some mica to add sparkel to the eyes.


  1. What a wonderful picture! It really does communicate the idea of the dog running toward you, knowing that, as soon as he gets back, you will throw the stick again for him. It somehow looks like a well-behaved dog, too. This is probably one of those pieces that would have a special meaning for anyone who bought it, because the characteristics of the dog are just so generally "dog-like" that everyone will be able to see their own pet in it.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Thank you also for the birthday e-card you sent me. It was so nice to receive. How did you know it was my birthday?


  3. Love it Miss Sarah , he looks like a cuddly pup. Always love seeing your new post.Peace