Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brook Trout

I wanted to make my brook trout consistent with my brown trout, so naturally I wanted them both mounted on the same kind of cloth. But to my surprise, I couldn't find any more of the cloth that I had used for the brown trout. I know it just looks like plain black in the picture but it has a velvet-like texture and a sparkle to it. I looked through containers and through my closet where I thought I might have leftovers, but found none. So Dad took me to the thrift store, where I hoped to find some. But, really, how likely is it to find black, velvet sparkly material that matches the background of another fish? Well, the likelihood of it didn't matter. God provided me with the perfect material. The two fish backgrounds look like they were cut out of the same material. And as a bonus, I picked up some of the same material in brown, which looked useful. All of the material came in the form of second-hand skirts. God provides.

This picture is made of: money plant, onion peel, delphinium, corn husk, pansy, tendrils, black hollyhock, sea moss, lettuce, skeletonized leaves, cotton, aucuba and mica.

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