Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 Corn Husk Dolls

I had a very good trip to Michigan. My grandpa made a nice working set up for me in the garage, where I made corn husk dolls. Above is a slideshow of the 11 dolls. Of course I wasn't just making corn husk dolls the whole time. The trip was peppered with activities and nice times visiting with family.


  1. Last week was the first time I had ever seen any of your corn husk dolls in real life, and the two that are now standing so sweetly on the shelf in my room are so neat and exact in their making, and the colors are so vibrant, I am confident that the dolls in your slideshow are much lovelier in fact than they are in photo (and they are quite lovely there, too!).

  2. I love these, Sarah!!! You have such a gift of talent from the Lord!!! Thanks for sharing.
    The kids and I are going to our first meeting of a Pioneer Club today and we're making our very first corn husk dolls- really wish you were here to show us what to do!!!
    Give my love to your family- and hug your momma for me, ok? Love you! Mrs. Sarah