Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Room Smells Like A Thrift Store

I had two jean skirts and a pair of pants that I didn't like and so I cut them into pieces. After mixing up my pieces I sewed several of them back together into a skirt, using a sewing machine. I sewed the little flowers on by hand. I used the top of one of the skirts for a waist. That way I didn’t need to mess with zippers or buttons or anything. I want to make more of theses skirts to be able to wear around the house. They're practical. Because of the textures and colors I don’t think stains will show up to badly on them. Mom, Autumn and I went to the thrift store where we bought all sorts of frumpy jean jumpers and pants to turn into skirts- hence my room ended up smelling like a thrift store.

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