Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My rose picture finished getting framed! I remember in the beginning of my picture-making career how much it struck me that a frame can make a picture look so much more like a piece of artwork. There are some artistic mediums where I think some of the pictures look better without a frame, but I think mine are best framed. It is also very interesting in the frame shop to see how different various colored mats make a picture look. There are some mat colors that will make the whole picture look sad, mats that will draw too much attention to themselves and then of course there is that mat that looks just right. Something that we try to keep in mind when framing is to let the framing compliment the picture not the other way around. The art is the focus; framing frames it. Anyway those are my two cents. Enjoy the picture.


  1. It does look best framed, I think. I looked at the photo you posted of it before it was framed, and it looks lovely as it was, but the light color in the matting draws more attention to the light color in the flower, which is where the attention is supposed to be. Do you find that you get as much satisfaction when you complete a piece now, as you did when you first started working with this medium, or has the satisfaction faded with the novelty?

  2. Thank you. I like to hear your comments! I don't think the satisfaction has faded. The newness of it has probably faded, but it is still very exciting and satisfying.