Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Tresures

Pitcured above are very young oak leaves. Now that they've started growing they will very quickly grow big and green. So now's the time to catch and press these little tresures. But it's not just oak leaves. Many trees have young leaves this size but in different shapes this time of year. The maples are pretty neat right now but they don't have the little red coating on them. They look bright green. These oak leaves feel like they have a soft coating over them. One side is redish and the other side is grayish. You can gently scrape off this coating and find green leaves under it. Bellow you can see how I used some tiny oak leaves for one of my pictures.


  1. Lovely piece of art, Miss Sarah! How big are the leaves you used in that picture, or, conversely, how big is the picture?

  2. The little leaves in the picture are probably about an inch long. You can get them even smaller than that, but there may not be as much definition in their shape.

    Thanks for asking!