Monday, January 25, 2010

60 Sheep Down, 30 Shepherds To Go

Last Saturday I instructed around 15 people, mostly children, on making corn husk sheep. The goal was 60 sheep to decorate the church. We figured that people would have to take home materials and make several sheep at home, but to my happy surprise all 60 were completed within a few hours! What a good, diligent class!

Prior to the class I trained my dad and my brother in sheep making. That way they were able to be good helpers during class. They did such an excellent job. It's so wonderful to operate as a family and always have someone there to advise, encourage or help you. It was very practical for Dad to take us there and for us to work together rather than meeting up with a group of friends to teach them how to help make sheep and then meet up with them again on the actual day of teaching. God designed the family for a reason.

Now, the next step is teaching the adults how to make shepherds to go with the sheep. The goal for them is 30.

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